Paiva River

Typical mountain river, one of the most beautiful and well-preserved in Portugal, is classified as Rede Natura 2000. It is surrounded, for most of its route, by a leafy and lush vegetable gallery, which houses diverse and important ecosystems. It was not considered many years ago the least polluted river in Europe, And is still the site of trout spawning.

It is classified as a Site of Community Importance in the Natura 2000 Network.

One of the river's ex-libris may be the otter, but there is another incredible mammal that has survived impressive environmental changes over millions of years, the water mole. Dragonflies are excellent indicators of water quality. The numerous waterlines make it possible for reptiles such as the water lizard and amphibians as the Iberian frog and the unique Lusitanian salamander, species that exist only in the Iberian peninsula.

The Paiva River is nicknamed "the Truteiro", where inhabit about 14 species of fish.

Along the Paiva River there are plant species that constitute well-preserved and well-developed riparian galleries, predominating alders, willows, ash, poplars and oaks. In their shadows, and dependent on the humidity, mosses and fetuses proliferate, including the royal fetus, the female fetus, the male fetus and the polypod. Other species follow the gallery, such as the puff, scrofularia, gibardeira, embude, bloodthirsty, the rare St. John's wort, the violets, tufts of cyperaria and numerous vines.

Folgosa River Beach

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